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URL facebook.com
Type o steid Social networkin service
Registration Required
Available leid(s) Multilingual (70)
Users ower 1 billion[1] (active October 2012)
Awner Facebook, Inc.
Creatit bi
Launched Februar 4, 2004 (2004-02-04)
Alexa rank Increase 2 (Februar 2013)[2]
Current status Active

Facebook is a social netwirkin wabsteid, stairted in Februar 2004 by Harvard University collegianer Mark Zuckerberg. It haes ower 1 billion uisers. Ye can mak a profile for yoursel, add freends an keek at thair profiles. It is ane o the maist faur-ben wabsteids on the internet. Ye can leuk at Facebook in mony leids, but no Scots.

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