Elizabeth I o Ingland

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Elizabeth I
Darnley stage 3.jpg
The "Darnley Portrait" o Elizabeth I (c. 1575)
Queen o Ingland an Ireland (mair...)
Reign 17 November 1558 –
24 Mairch 1603
Coronation 15 Januar 1559
Predecessors Mary I an Philip
Successor James I
Hoose Hoose o Tudor
Father Henry VIII
Mother Anne Boleyn
Born 7 September 1533
Palace o Placentia, Greenwich, Ingland
Died 24 Mairch 1603(1603-03-24) (agit 69)
Richmond Palace, Surrey, Ingland
Burial Westminster Abbey
Religion Anglican

Elizabeth I (cried "Elizabeth" until Elizabeth II teuk the Breetish throne; 7 September 153324 Mairch 1603) wis Queen o Ingland an Queen o Ireland frae 17 November 1558 till her strae-daith. Elizabeth wis the fift an pokeshakkins o the ryal Hoose o Tudor. The dochter o Henry VIII, she wis born a princess, but her mither, Anne Boleyn, wis executit three year efter her birth.