Carl XVI Gustaf

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Carl XVI Gustaf

Carl XVI Gustaf (1946) is the King an heid o state o the Kinrick o Swaden syne 1973.

Merridge an bairns[eedit | eedit soorce]

Carl XVI Gustaf meets his spooz, Silvia Sommerlath, in the Simmer Olympic Gemmes o Munich in 1972, as she warks as dutywumman in the place an he is nae king jast, he marries her in June 1976, he haes three bairns wi her:

  • Prinses Victoria, dutches o Västergötland (born 14 July 1977 in Stockholm)
  • Prins Carl Philip, duke o Värmland (born 13 May 1979 in Stockholm),
  • Prinses Madeleine, dutches o Hälsingland an o Gästrikland (born 10 juin 1982 in the Drottningholm castel)

Prins Carl Philip wis prins heirin (kronprins) till 1980, when sexual equality in succession wis made. Prinses Victoria becoms heirin prinses again.