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AT&T Inc.
Type Public
Tradit as NYSET
Dow Jones Industrial Average Component
S&P 500 Component
Industry Telecommunications
Predecessor(s) American Telephone and Telegraph Company
Foondit October 5, 1983 (1983-10-05)[1]
Foonder(s) Alexander Graham Bell
Heidquarters Whitacre Touer, Downtoun,
Dallas, Texas
, Unitit States
Key fowk Randall Stephenson
(Chairman & CEO)[2]
Products Fixed line an mobile telephony, broadband an fixed-line internet services, deegital televeesion
Revenue Increase US$ 127.434 billion (2012)
Operatin income Increase US$ 012.997 billion (2012)
Net income Increase US$ 07.3 billion (2012)
Tot assets Increase US$ 272.315 billion (2012)
Total equity Decrease US$ 92.695 billion (2012)
Employees 245,350 (2013)[3]
Subsidiaries AT&T Corporation
AT&T Mobility
Southwestern Bell
AT&T Teleholdings
Aio Wireless
References: for DJIA listing,

AT&T Inc. (stylized as at&t) is an American multinaitional telecommunications corporation, heidquartert at Whitacre Touer in downtoun Dallas, Texas.[4] AT&T is the lairgest provider baith o mobile telephony an o fixed telephony[5] in the Unitit States, an an aa provides broadband subscription televeesion services. AT&T is the third-lairgest company in Texas (the lairgest non-ile company, behind anly ExxonMobil an ConocoPhillips, an an aa the lairgest Dallas company).[6] As of Mey 2013, AT&T is the 21st lairgest company in the warld bi market value,[7] an the 13t lairgest non-ile company.[8] As of 2013, it is an aa the 21st lairgest mobile telecom operator in the warld, wi ower 107.9 million mobile customers.[9]

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