Hard rock

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Hard rock
Stylistic oreegins Blues rock, garage rock,
psychedelic rock, rock an roll
an rhythm an blues
Cultural oreegins Mid 1960s, Unitit Kinrick an Unitit States
Teepical instruments Electric guitarbass guitar
sometimes pianos an keybuirds
Derivative forms Hivy metal
Ither topics
Back beatrock operarock baund
performersprogressive rockHall of Fame
social impact

Hard rock (or heavy rock) is a loosely defined subgenre o rock muisic which haes its earliest ruits in mid-1960s garage rock, blues rock an psychedelic rock. It is typifee'd bi a hivy uise o distorted electric guitars, bass guitar, drums, an aften accompaniet wi pianos an keybuirds.

Hard rock developit intae a major form o popular muisic in the 1970s, wi baunds such as Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Aerosmith, AC/DC, an Van Halen, an reached a commercial peak in the mid tae late 1980s. The glam metal o baunds like Bon Jovi an Def Leppard an the rawer soonds o Guns N' Roses follaeed up wi great success in the later pairt o that decade, afore losin popularity in the face o grunge. Despite this, mony post-grunge baunds adoptit a hard rock soond an in the 2000s there came a renewed interest in established baunds, attempts at a revival, an new hard rock baunds that emergit frae the garage rock an post-punk revival scenes.

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