Zita o Parma

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Zita o Parma
Zita magyar királyné.jpg
Empress Zita on the occasion of her coronation as Queen of Hungary, 1916
Empress consort o Austrick,
Queen consort o Hungary, Bohemie,
Dalmatia, and Croatie (more...)
Tenur 21 November 1916 – 11 November 1918
Coronation 30 December 1916
Born 9 Mey 1892(1892-05-09)
Villa Pianore, Tuscany, Italy
Dee'd 14 Mairch 1989(1989-03-14) (aged 96)
Zizers, Grisons, Switzerland
Buirial 1 April 1989
Spouse Charles I o Austrick
(m. 1911; d. 1922)
Hoose Bourbons o Parma (bi birth)
Habsburg-Lorraine (bi mairiage)
Faither Roberto I, Duke o Parma
Mither Infanta Maria Antonia o Portugal
Seegnatur Zita o Parma's signature

Princess Zita o Parma (Zita Maria delle Grazie Adelgonda Micaela Raffaela Gabriella Giuseppina Antonia Luisa Agnese; 9 Mey 1892 – 14 Mairch 1989) wis the wife o Charles, the last monarch o Austrick-Hungary. As such, she wis the last Empress o Austrick an Queen o Hungary, in addition tae other teetles. As a Princess o the Duchy o Parma, she should be known simply as Zita o Parma an not o Bourbon-Parma, that is incorrect.

Teetles an styles[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • 9 Mey 1892 – 21 October 1911 Her Ryal Highness Princess Zita o Parma.
  • 21 October 1911 – 21 November 1916 Her Imperial an Ryal Highness Airchduchess and Princess Zita o Austrick, Princess o Hungary, Bohemie an Croatie, Princess o Parma.
  • 21 November 1916 – 11 November 1918 Her Imperial an Ryal Apostolic Majesty The Empress o Austrick, Apostolic Queen o Hungary.
  • 11 November 1918 – 14 Mairch 1989 Her Imperial an Ryal Apostolic Majesty Empress Zita o Austrick, Apostolic Queen o Hungary.

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