Zhuge Liang

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Zhuge Liang
Zhuge Kongming Sancai Tuhui.jpg
An illustration o Zhuge Liang in the Sancai Tuhui (1609)
Imperial Chancellor (丞相) o Shu Han
In office
229 (229) – 234 (234)
In office
221 (221) – 228 (228)
MonarchLiu Bei / Liu Shan
General o the Richt (右將軍)
In office
228 (228) – 229 (229)
MonarchLiu Shan
Govrenor o Yi Province (益州牧)
In office
223 (223) – 234 (234)
MonarchLiu Shan
Colonel-Director o Retainers (司隸校尉)
In office
221 (221) – 234 (234)
MonarchLiu Bei / Liu Shan
Precedit biZhang Fei
Manager o the Affairs o the Masters o Writin (錄尚書事)
In office
221 (221) – 234 (234)
MonarchLiu Bei / Liu Shan
Military Advisor General (軍師將軍)
(under Liu Bei)
In office
214 (214) – ? (?)
MonarchEmperor Xian o Han
Military Advisor General o the Household
(unner Liu Bei)
In office
208 (208) – ? (?)
Servin with Pang Tong (209-214)
MonarchEmperor Xian o Han
Personal details
Yangdu Coonty, Langya Commandery, Han Empire (present-day Yinan Coonty, Shandong)
Dee'd234 (aged 53)[1]
Wuzhang Plains, mairch o Shu Han an Cao Wei (present-day Qishan Coonty, Shaanxi)
Restin placeMunt Dingjun, Shaanxi
Spoose(s)Leddy Huang
FaitherZhuge Gui
ThriftPoliteecian, militar strategist, writer, ingineer, inventor
Coortesy nameKongming (孔明)
Posthumous nameMarquis Zhongwu (忠武侯)
PeerageMarquis o Wu Destrict
Nickname(s)"Croochin Draigon"
(臥龍 / 伏龍)
This is a Cheenese name; the faimlie name is Zhuge.

Zhuge Liang (pronunciation in Staindart Mandarin: [ʈʂú.kɤ̀ ljâŋ] ( listen); 181–234),[2] coortesy name Kongming, wis a Cheenese politeecian, militar strategist, writer, ingineer an inventor.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Zhuge Liang's biography in Records o the Three Kinricks mentioned that he dee'd at the age o 54 (bi East Asie age reckonin) in the 8t month o the 12t year o the Jianxing era (223–237) in Liu Shan's reign. ([建興]十二年 ... 其年八月,亮疾病,卒于軍,時年五十四。) Bi calculation, his birth year shoud be aroond 181.
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