Zhuge Liang

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Zhuge Liang
Zhuge Kongming Sancai Tuhui.jpg
An illustration o Zhuge Liang in the Sancai Tuhui (1609)
Imperial Chancellor (丞相) o Shu Han
In office
229 (229) – 234 (234)
In office
221 (221) – 228 (228)
Monarch Liu Bei / Liu Shan
General o the Richt (右將軍)
In office
228 (228) – 229 (229)
Monarch Liu Shan
Govrenor o Yi Province (益州牧)
In office
223 (223) – 234 (234)
Monarch Liu Shan
Colonel-Director o Retainers (司隸校尉)
In office
221 (221) – 234 (234)
Monarch Liu Bei / Liu Shan
Precedit bi Zhang Fei
Manager o the Affairs o the Masters o Writin (錄尚書事)
In office
221 (221) – 234 (234)
Monarch Liu Bei / Liu Shan
Military Advisor General (軍師將軍)
(under Liu Bei)
In office
214 (214) – ? (?)
Monarch Emperor Xian o Han
Military Advisor General o the Household
(unner Liu Bei)
In office
208 (208) – ? (?)
Servin with Pang Tong (209-214)
Monarch Emperor Xian o Han
Personal details
Born 181
Yangdu Coonty, Langya Commandery, Han Empire (present-day Yinan Coonty, Shandong)
Dee'd 234 (aged 53)[1]
Wuzhang Plains, mairch o Shu Han an Cao Wei (present-day Qishan Coonty, Shaanxi)
Restin place Munt Dingjun, Shaanxi
Spoose(s) Leddy Huang
Faither Zhuge Gui
Thrift Politeecian, militar strategist, writer, ingineer, inventor
Coortesy name Kongming (孔明)
Posthumous name Marquis Zhongwu (忠武侯)
Peerage Marquis o Wu Destrict
Nickname(s) "Croochin Draigon"
(臥龍 / 伏龍)
This is a Cheenese name; the faimlie name is Zhuge.

Zhuge Liang (pronunciation in Staindart Mandarin: [ʈʂú.kɤ̀ ljâŋ] ( listen); 181–234),[2] coortesy name Kongming, wis a Cheenese politeecian, militar strategist, writer, ingineer an inventor.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Zhuge Liang's biography in Records o the Three Kinricks mentioned that he dee'd at the age o 54 (bi East Asie age reckonin) in the 8t month o the 12t year o the Jianxing era (223–237) in Liu Shan's reign. ([建興]十二年 ... 其年八月,亮疾病,卒于軍,時年五十四。) Bi calculation, his birth year shoud be aroond 181.
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