Zhao Gao

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Zhao Gao
Imperial Chancellor (丞相)
In office
208 BC (208 BC) – 207 BC (207 BC)
MonarchQin Er Shi
Precedit biLi Si
Prefect o the Gentlemen o the Palace
In office
209 BC (209 BC) – 208 BC (208 BC)
MonarchQin Er Shi
Prefect o the Office for Imperial Carriages (中車府令)
In office
? (?) – 209 BC (209 BC)
MonarchQin Shi Huang / Qin Er Shi
Personal details
Dee'd207 BC
This is a Cheenese name; the faimlie name is Zhao.

Zhao Gao (dee'd 207 BC) wis an offeecial o the Qin dynasty o Cheenae. Allegedly a eunuch, he served as a close aide tae aw three emperors o the Qin dynasty – Qin Shi Huang, Qin Er Shi an Ziying – an wis regairdit as haein played an instrumental role in the dounfaw o the dynasty.