Zhang Ziyi

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Zhang Ziyi
Zhang Ziyi Cabourg 2014 2.jpg
Zhang Ziyi in 2014 at the Cabourg Film Festival.
Background information
Cheenese name 章子怡
Ethnicity Han
Born (1979-02-09) 9 Februar 1979 (age 40)
Beijing, Cheenae
Label(s) William Morris Company
Years active 1996–present
Spoose(s) Wang Feng (m. 2015)
Bairns Wang Xingxing (dochter)
Parents Zhang Yuanxiao (faither)
Li Zhousheng (mither)
Alma mater Central Academy of Drama
Zhang Ziyi
Zhang Ziyi (Chinese characters).svg
"Zhang Ziyi" in Cheenese chairacters
Cheenese 章子怡

Zhang Ziyi ([ʈʂáŋ tsɨ̀.ǐ]; Cheenese: 章子怡; born 9 Februar 1979) is a Cheenese actress an model. She is conseedert ane o the Fower Dan Actresses o Cheenae,[1] an ane o the best-kent Asie actresses in the Wast.

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