Zeno o Elea

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Zeno o Elea
Zeno of Elea Tibaldi or Carducci Escorial.jpg
Zeno shaws the Duirs tae Truth an Falsity (Veritas et Falsitas). Fresco in the Library o El Escorial, Madrid.
Born c. 490 BC
Died c. 430 BC (aged aroond 60)
Elea or Syracuse
Era Pre-Socratic filosofie
Region Wastren Philosofie
Schuil Eleatic schuil
Main interests
Metapheesics, Ontology
Notable ideas
Zeno's paradoxes

Zeno o Elea (Greek: Ζήνων ὁ Ἐλεάτης; c. 490 – c. 430 BC) wis a pre-Socratic Greek filosofer o Magna Graecia an a member o the Eleatic Schuil foondit bi Parmenides. Aristotle cried him the inventor o the dialectic.[1] He is best kent for his paradoxes, which Bertrand Russell haes describit as "immeisurably subtle an profoond".[2]

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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  2. Russell (1996 [1903]), p. 347: "In this capricious world nothing is more capricious than posthumous fame. One of the most notable victims of posterity's lack of judgement is the Eleatic Zeno. Having invented four arguments all immeasurably subtle and profound, the grossness of subsequent philosophers pronounced him to be a mere ingenious juggler, and his arguments to be one and all sophisms. After two thousand years of continual refutation, these sophisms were reinstated, and made the foundation of a mathematical renaissance..."