Zeno (emperor)

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Emperor o the Byzantine Empire
Tremissis-Zeno-RIC 0914.jpg
Zeno depictit on a Tremissis; the coin's design celebrates Zeno's victories, an wis issued during his seicont reign.
Ring 9 Februar 474 – 9 Januar 475
August 476 – 9 Aprile 491
Predecessor 1) Leo II
2) Basiliscus
Successor 1) Basiliscus, revoltit
2) Anastasius I
Born c. 425
Dee'd (491-04-09)9 Apryle 491 (aged 66)
Consort Arcadia,
Issue Zenon (bi Arcadia),
Leo II (bi Ariadne)
Full name
Tarasis Kodisa Rousombladadiotes (till mid-460s)
Flavius Zeno (as emperor)
Hoose Hoose o Leo
Faither Kodisa
Mither Lallis

Zeno the Isaurian (/ˈzn/; Laitin: Flavius Zeno Augustus; Greek: Ζήνων; c. 425 – 9 Aprile 491), oreeginally named Tarasis Kodisa Rousombladadiotes[1] /ˈtærəss/, wis Byzantine Emperor frae 474 tae 475 an again frae 476 tae 491.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. The soorces caw him "Tarasicodissa Rousombladadiotes", an for this reason it wis thocht his name wis Tarasicodissa. Houever, it haes been demonstratit that this name actually means "Tarasis, son o Kodisa, [comin frae] Rusumblada", an that "Tarasis" wis a common name in Isaurie (R.M. Harrison, "The Emperor Zeno's Real Name", Byzantinische Zeitschrift 74 (1981) 27–28).