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Zambar, Iraq

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Zambar is located in Iraq
Location in Iraq
Coordinates: 36°19′18″N 42°32′36″E / 36.32167°N 42.54333°E / 36.32167; 42.54333
Kintra Iraq
ProvinceNinawa Province
DestrictTel Afar Destrict
Time zoneUTC+3 (Arabie Staundart Time)

Zambar is a smaa desert veelage in Tel Afar Destrict o Ninawa Province o northern Iraq. It is locatit aboot 12 kilometre (7.5 mi) sootheast o Tel Afar an about 50 kilometre (31 mi) directly west o Mosul.[1] It is locatit aboot half way atween Tel Afar an the lairger settlement o Shaikh Ibrahim, further tae the sootheast. The Germans discovered oil at Zanbar an Qusair in the 1930s an began drillin; a team o German an Italian workers were deployed tae tap the resources.[2]

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