Zagros Muntains

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Topographic cairt o Iran wi the Zagros Muntains

The Zagros Muntains (Persie: رشته كوه زاگرس‎, Kurdish: زنجیره‌چیاکانی زاگرۆس‎, Lurish: کو یه لی زاگروس, Arabic: جبال زغروسAramaic: ܛܘܪ ܙܪܓܣ,) form the lairgest muntain range in Iran an Iraq. This muntain range haes a tot lenth o 1,500 km (932 mi). The Zagros muntain range begins in northwastren Iran an roughly corresponds tae Iran's wastren border, an it spans the whole lenth o the wastren an soothwastren Iranian plateau, endin at the Strait o Hormuz. The heichest pynt in the Zagros Muntains is Dena. The Hazaran massif in the Kerman province o Iran forms an eastren outlier o the range, the Jebal Barez reachin intae Sistan.