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This name uises Eastren/Soothren Slavic namin customs; the patronymic is Mikhaylovich an the faimily name is Luzhkov.
Yury Luzhkov
Юрий Лужков
Yuri Luzhkov 2010 Moscow Unesco 02.jpg
2nt Mayor o Moscow
In office
6 Juin 1992 – 28 September 2010
Precedit bi Gavriil Popov
Succeedit bi Vladimir Resin (actin)
Sergey Sobyanin
Deputy Chairman o the Committee on the Operational Management o the Economy o the Soviet Union
In office
24 August 1991 – 14 November 1991
Premier Ivan Silayev
Precedit bi Arkady Volsky
Succeedit bi Grigory Yavlinsky
Personal details
Born Yury Mikhaylovich Luzhkov
(1936-09-21) 21 September 1936 (age 82)
Moscow, Roushie SFSR, Soviet Union
Naitionality Roushie
Poleetical pairty CPSU (1968-1991)
Faitherland (1998-2001)
Unitit Roushie (2001-2010)[1]
Spoose(s) Marina Bashilova (1958–1989) (her daith)
Yelena Baturina (1991–Present)
Bairns Mikhail Luzhkov
Alexander Luzhkov
Elena Luzhkova (born 1992)
Olga Luzhkova (born 1994)
Alma mater Gubkin Moscow Petrochemical & Gas Industry Institute
Religion Roushie Orthodox
Awairds Orden for Service I.png
Orden for Service II.png Orden for Service III.png Orden for Service IV.png
Order of War Merit ribbon.png Orden of Honour.png Order of Lenin ribbon bar.png Orderredbannerlabor rib.png
Ribbon Medal For the Defence of Free Russia.png Ribbon Medal 850 Moscow.png Ribbon Medal 300 years Saint-Petersburg.png CombatCooperationRibbon.jpg
Ribbon bar of order of St. Mesrop Mashtoc.png For the contribution to agriculture development rib.png OrdenPolStar.png Medal Kony rib.png
Order francysk skaryna rib.png Medal of Francis Skorina rib.png Medal50Celina.png MedalAstana.png
За заслуги перед Калининградской областью.png ZaZaslperStavKr rib.png Орден Республики Тыва (лента).png
By-order friendship of nations rib.png Order of Prince Yaroslav the Wise 4th and 5th Class of Ukraine.png
Order of the Cedar - Knight (Lebanon) Ribbon.png DE-BY Der Bayerische Verdienstorden BAR.png
Medal State Prize Soviet Union.png RusStatePrize.jpg

Yury Mikhaylovich Luzhkov (Roushie: Ю́рий Миха́йлович Лужко́в; born 21 September 1936) is a Roushie politeecian wha wis the Mayor o Moscow frae 1992 tae 2010. He wis an aa vice-chairman an ane o the foonders o the rulin Unitit Roushie pairty.

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