Yoshihiko Noda

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Yoshihiko Noda
野田 佳彦
Yoshihiko Noda-3.jpg
Prime Meenister o Japan
In office
2 September 2011 – 26 December 2012
Monarch Akihito
Deputy Katsuya Okada
Precedit bi Naoto Kan
Succeedit bi Shinzō Abe
Meenister o Finance
In office
8 Juin 2010 – 2 September 2011
Prime Meenister Naoto Kan
Precedit bi Naoto Kan
Succeedit bi Jun Azumi
Senior Vice Meenister o Finance
In office
16 September 2009 – 8 Juin 2010
Prime Meenister Yukio Hatoyama
Precedit bi Wataru Takeshita
Masatoshi Ishida
Succeedit bi Motohisa Ikeda
Naoki Minezaki
Personal details
Born 20 Mey 1957 (1957-05-20) (age 59)
Funabashi, Japan
Poleetical pairty Japan New Pairty (1992–1994)
Democratic Pairty (1998–present)
Spoose(s) Hitomi Noda (1992–present)
Alma mater Waseda Varsity
Wabsteid Govrenment wabsteid

Yoshihiko Noda (野田 佳彦 Noda Yoshihiko?, born 20 Mey 1957) is a Japanese politeecian who wis Prime Meenister o Japan frae 2011 tae 2012. He is a member o the Democratic Pairty o Japan (DPJ), an a member o the Hoose o Representatives (lawer hoose) in the Diet (naitional legislatur). He wis named tae succeed Naoto Kan as a result o a runaff vote against Banri Kaieda in his pairty,[1] an was formally appyntit bi the Emperor on 2 September 2011.

Follaein a severe loss for the DPJ in the December 2012 general election, Noda concedit defeat an annoonced his resignation as pairty leader. He wis succeedit bi Shinzō Abe as Prime Meenister on 26 December 2012.[2]

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