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For ither uises, see Yorkshire (disambiguation).
Banner o Yorkshire
Banner o Yorkshire
Yorkshire in England
Yorkshire athin Ingland, showin historic extent
 • 1831 3,669,510 acres (14,850 km2)[1]
 • 1901 3,883,979 acres (15,718 km2)[1]
 • 1991 2,941,247 acres (11,903 km2)[1]
 • 1831 1,371,359[1]
 • 1901 3,512,838[1]
 • 1991 3,978,484[1]
 • 2011 5,288,200[2]
 • 1831 0.37/acre (91/km2)
 • 1901 0.9/acre (220/km2)
 • 1991 1.35/acre (330/km2)
 • Origin Kinrick o Jórvík
 • Creatit In antiquity
 • Succeedit bi Various
Chapman code YKS
 • Teep Ridings
 • Units 1 North2 West3 East
Ridings o Yorkshire

Yorkshire (/ˈjɔːrkʃər/ or /ˈjɔːrkʃɪər/; abbreviated Yorks), formally kent as the County of York, is a historic coonty o Northren England an the lairgest in the Unitit Kinrick.[3] Due tae its great size in comparison tae ither Inglis coonties, functions hae been unnertaken ower time bi its subdiveesions, which hae been subject tae periodic refuirm. Throuoot these chynges, Yorkshire has continued to be recognised as a geografical territory an cultural region.[4][5] The name is familiar an well unnerstuid athort the Unitit Kinrick an is in common use in the media and the militar,[6] an featurs in the teetles o current auries o ceevil admeenistration such as North Yorkshire, Sooth Yorkshire, Wast Yorkshire an East Riding of Yorkshire an aw.

Athin the borders o the historic coonty o Yorkshire are auries which are widely considert tae be amang the greenest in Ingland, due tae the vast stretches o unspoilt kintraside in the Yorkshire Dales an North York Moors an tae the open aspect o some o the major ceeties.[7][8] Yorkshire haes sometimes been elknamit "God's Own County" or "God's Own Country".[5][9][10]

The emblem o Yorkshire is the White Rose o the Inglis ryal Hoose o York, an the maist commonly uised flag representative of Yorkshire is the White Rose on a blue backgrund,[11] which efter nearly fifty years o uise, wis recognisit bi the Flag Institute on 29 Julie 2008.[12] Yorkshire Day, held on 1 August, is a celebration o the general cultur o Yorkshire, rangin frae its history tae its awn dialect.[13]

Yorkshire is nou dividit atween different offeecial regions. Maist o the coonty faws athin Yorkshire an the Humber. The extreme northren pairt o the coonty faws athin North East Ingland. Smaw auries in the wast o the historic coonty nou fuirm pairt o North Wast Ingland, follaein boondar chynges in 1974.

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