York, Pennsylvanie

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York, Pennsylvanie
Clockwise frae tap left: York Strand Performing Arts Center, William Goodbridge hoose, York Friends Meeting House, an walcome sign.
The White Rose Ceety
Location in York Coonty an the state o Pennsylvanie.
Location in York Coonty an the state o Pennsylvanie.
Coordinates: 39°57′46″N 76°43′41″W / 39.96278°N 76.72806°W / 39.96278; -76.72806Coordinates: 39°57′46″N 76°43′41″W / 39.96278°N 76.72806°W / 39.96278; -76.72806
KintraUnitit States
Laid oot1741
 - Burgh24 Septembe 1787
 - Ceety11 Januar 1887
 • MayorKim Bracey (D)
 • Ceety13.62 km2 (5.26 sq mi)
 • Laund13.48 km2 (5.20 sq mi)
 • Water0.14 km2 (0.06 sq mi)
 • Ceety43,550
 • Density3031.75/km2 (8311.41/sq mi)
 • Urban
Time zoneUTC-5 (EST)
 • Summer (DST)UTC-4 (EDT)

York (Deitsch: Yarrick), kent as the White Rose Ceety (efter the seembol o the Hoose o York), is a ceety locatit in York Coonty, Pennsylvanie, Unitit States, which is in the sooth-central region o the state. The population athin York's ceety leemits wis 43,718 at the 2010 census, a 7.0% increase frae the 2000 coont o 40,862. When combined wi the adjacent burghs o West York an North York an surroondin Spring Garden, West Manchester, an Springettsbury tounships, the population o Greater York wis 108,386. York is the coonty seat o York Coonty[1] an is locatit at 39°58′00″N 76°45′00″W / 39.96667°N 76.75000°W / 39.96667; -76.75000. York is currently the 11t lairgest ceety in Pennsylvanie.[2]

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