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Yoko Ono
Born (1933-02-18) 18 Februar 1933 (age 86)
Tokyo, Japan
Thrift Airtist, peace activist, sangster, sangwriter
Childer Kyoko Cox
Sean Lennon
Muisical career
Instruments Vocals, percussion, piano
Years active 1961–present
Associate acts
Wabsteid http://imaginepeace.com

Yoko Ono (小野 洋子, Ono Yōko, born 18 Februay 1933) is a Japanese multimedia airtist, sangster, sangwriter, an peace activist wha is an aa kent for her wirk in performance airt, muisic, an filmmakin.[1] She is the widow an seicont wife o sangster-sangwriter John Lennon.

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