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  • יִרְכָּא
  • يركا
Ebreu transcription(s)
 • An aa spelled Yarka (unoffeecial)
Entrance tae Yirka
Entrance tae Yirka
Destrict Northren
 • Teep Local cooncil
 • Total 15,564 dunams (15.564 km2 or 6.009 sq mi)
Population (2007)
 • Tot 13,000

Yirka (Ebreu: יִרְכָּא‬, Arabic: يركا‎) is an Israeli Druze toun in Israel's North Destrict, northeast o Acre.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

In 1596, Yirka appeared in Ottoman tax registers as being in the Nahiya o Akka o the Liwa o Safad. It haed a population o 174 Muslim hoosehaulds an 24 bachelors an paid taxes on an olive press.[1]

Yarka municipality

A visitor tae the Yirka in the late nineteent century wrote that "cut stanes o auncient appearance hae been uised in biggin the modren hooses. [..] Aboot a hunder cisterns cut in rock, a hauf o which are nae langer uised, an the ither hauf serve for the wants o the fowk, reveal the existence in this place o an auncient locality o some importance."[2]In the Survey o Wastren Palestine, Yarka is describit as a well-built stane veelage inhabitit bi 400 Druze who grew olives an figs.[3]The tomb o Sheikh Abu Saraya Ghanem, a Druze releegious scholar is locatit in Yarka.

Economy[eedit | eedit soorce]

Ane o the lairgest factories in the Middle East, a steel mill built an awned bi the Kadmani faimily, is locatit in Yarka. My Baby, wi 11,000 metres o retail space, is Israel's lairgest store for childer's an baby's supplies. The store haes an annual turnower o NIS 100 million.[4]

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