Yewdale Beck

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Yewdale Beck
Main sourceeast o Wetherlam
River moothConiston Water
54°21′53″N 3°3′47″W / 54.36472°N 3.06306°W / 54.36472; -3.06306Coordinates: 54°21′53″N 3°3′47″W / 54.36472°N 3.06306°W / 54.36472; -3.06306

Yewdale Beck is a river in Lake Destrict, Cumbria, Ingland. The Yewdale Beck arises frae the confluence o Henfoot Beck an Swallow Scar Beck, as well as ither unnamit tributars east o Wetherlam. The Yewdale Beck first flaes in an easterly direction afore it turns sooth-wast o the dounset o Lower Tilberthwaite, which it chynges again at the northren edge o the toun o Coniston tae the sootheast. It then flaes intae the Coniston Water.

The Yewdale Beck is a Site of Special Scientific Interest. The wattercourse is ane o the best places for studyin stratigrafie an paleogeografie o the early Silurian in Great Breetain.[1]

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