Yerl o Orkney

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Yerldom o Orkney
(creation of 1696)
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Airms o the 8t Yerl o Orkney:[1]
Quarterly: 1st an 4t grandquarters, Argent on a Saltire Gules a Lymphad sails furled Or a Chief Ermine (Fitz-Maurice); 2nt grandquarter, quarterly: 1st an 4t, Gules three Cinquefoils Ermine (Hamilton); 2nt, Argent a Lymphad sails furled Sable (Arran); 3rd, Argent a Hert Gules imperially crouned Or on a Chief Azure three Mullets o the first (Douglas); ower aw at the fess pynt an Escallop Or for difference (for Laird George Hamilton, 1st Yerl o Orkney); 3rd grandquarter, quarterly: 1st an 4t, Gules three Lions passant guardant per pale Or an Argent (O'Brien); 2nt, Argent three Piles meetin in the pynt issuin frae the chief Gules; 3rd, Argent a Pheon Azure.
Creaution date3 Januar 1696 (third creaution)
MonarchWilliam II o Scotland
PeeragePeerage o Scotland
First hauderLaird George Hamilton
Present hauderOliver St John, 9th Yerl o Orkney
Heir apparentOliver Robert St John, Viscoont Kirkwall
Remainder taeheirs whitsoiver o the 1st Yerl (a wumman can succeed if she haes na brithers or if aw her brithers dee'd childless)
Subsidiary teetlesViscoont o Kirkwa
Laird Dechmont
Umwhile seat(s)Kirkwa Castle

The Yerl o Orkney wis oreeginally a Norse jarl rulin Norðreyjar (Orkney, Shetland, Caithness an Sutherland).

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