Yellowstone River

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Yellowstone River
Kintra Unitit States
States Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota
 - left Gardner River, Shields River
 - right Lamar River, Boulder River, Stillwater River, Big Horn River, Tongue River, Powder River
Soorce Confluence o North an Sooth Forks
 - location Absaroka Range, Wyoming
 - coordinates 43°59′18″N 109°55′45″W / 43.98833°N 109.92917°W / 43.98833; -109.92917 [1]
Mooth Missouri River
 - location McKenzie County, near Buford, North Dakota
 - coordinates 47°58′42″N 103°58′56″W / 47.97833°N 103.98222°W / 47.97833; -103.98222Coordinates: 47°58′42″N 103°58′56″W / 47.97833°N 103.98222°W / 47.97833; -103.98222 [1]
Lenth 692 mi (1,114 km) [1]
Basin 70,000 sq mi (181,299 km2) [2]
Discharge for Sidney, MT
 - average 13,773 cu ft/s (390 m3/s) [3]
 - max 159,000 cu ft/s (4,502 m3/s) [4]
 - min 3,108 cu ft/s (88 m3/s)
Cairt o the Yellowstone River watershed

The Yellowstone River is a tributary o the Missouri River, approximately 692 mile (1,114 km) lang, in the wastren Unitit States. Conseedered the principal tributary o the upper Missouri, the river an its tributaries drain a wide aurie stretching frae the Rocky Moontains in the vicinity o the Yellowstone Naitional Pairk athort the moontains an heich plains o soothren Montana an northren Wyoming.

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