Yellow Submarine (album)

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Yellow Submarine
Studio album / soondtrack by The Beatles and George Martin
Released13 Januar 1969 (US)
17 Januar 1969 (UK)
Recordit26 Mey 1966 – 11 Februar 1968 (The Beatles) & 22–23 October 1968 (George Martin)
StudioEMI and De Lane Lea studios, London
GenreSide 1 – Psychedelic rock
Side 2 – Orchestral
ProducerGeorge Martin
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Yellow Submarine
(1969) Yellow Submarine1969
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Yellow Submarine is the tent studio album bi the Inglis rock baund the Beatles, released on 13 Januar 1969 in the Unitit States an on 17 Januar 1969 in the Unitit Kinrick.