Yellae vest muivement

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Yellae vests muivement
Gilets jaunes protests
Pairt o Protests against Emmanuel Macron
ManifGiletsJaunesVesoul 17nov2018 (cropped).jpg
A gilets jaunes demonstration in Vesoul, eastren Fraunce
Date17 November 2018 – ongaein
LocationMetropolitan Fraunce an Réunion
Caused bi
  • Decrease o fuel an motor taxes[11]
  • Impruived standards o leevin
  • Rise in meenimum wage[12]
  • Resignation o Preses Emmanuel Macron an his govrenment
  • End tae unpopular austerity meisurs
  • Govrenment transparency an accoontability tae the wirking an middle clesses
MethodsProtests, ceevil disobedience, barricades, blockin traffeck, disablin radars, riotin,[13][14] vandalism,[15] fire-raisin[16][17] an luitin.[18]
StatusOngaein, as o December 6, 2022.[19]
  • Cancellation o the petrol tax an a sax-month moratorium on diesel an petrol price chynges bi the French govrenment[19]
  • The promise tae raise the meenimum wage bi €100 per month bi 2019[20]
  • An annooncement that the price o the Électricité de France blue tariffs would not increase before March 2019.[21]
  • The elimination o tax on owertime an end-o-the-year bonuses[22]
287,710 protesters at the peak (per French interior ministry)[23]
Daith(s)4 ceevilians (in Fraunce)[24]
Injures1000+ civilians
~200+ injured police officers
Reestit1600 fowk (as o 4 December 2018)[25]
Mair nor 2300 (8 December 2018 alane)[26]

The yellae vests muivement (French: Mouvement des gilets jaunes, pronounced [ʒilɛ ʒon]), an aw referred tae as the yellae jacket muivement, is a protest muivement that stairtit online in Mey 2018 an led tae demonstrations that begoud in Fraunce on 17 November 2018 an rapidly spread tae Wallonie, the umwhile hivily industrialised, French-speakin, soothren pairt o Belgium.

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