Year o the Fower Emperors

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The Year o the Fower Emperors wis a year in the history o the Roman Empire, AD 69, in which fower emperors ruled in a remarkable succession. These fower emperors wur Galba, Otho, Vitellius, an Vespasian.

The suicide o emperor Nero, in 68, wis follaed bi a brief period o ceevil war, the first Roman ceevil war syne Mark Antony's daith in 30 BC. Atween Juin 68 an December o 69, Roum witnessed the successive rise an faw o Galba, Otho an Vitellius till the final accession o Vespasian, first ruler o the Flavian Dynasty, in Julie 69. This period o ceevil war haes acome emblematic o the cyclic poleetical disturbances in the history o the Roman Empire. The militar an poleetical anarchy creatit bi this ceevil war haed serious repercussions, such as the ootbreak o the Batavian rebellion. (The Jewish Revolt wis already in progress.)