Yarrow Shipbuilders

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Yarrow Shipbuilders Limited
Public company
Industrie Shipbiggin
Fate Merged wi ithers tae form British Shipbuilders (1977–1985)
Successor GEC Marconi Marine (YSL) (1985–1999)
BAE Systems Marine (1999–2003)
BAE Systems Naval Ships (2003–2006)
BAE Systems Surface Fleet Solutions (2006–2008)
BVT Surface Fleet (2008–2009)
BAE Systems Surface Ships (2009–)
Foondit 1865
Heidquarters Scotstoun, Glesgae, UK
Key fowk
Sir Alfred Yarrow
Sir Harold Yarrow
Sir Eric Yarrow
Sir Arnold Weinstock
Sir Robert Easton
Murray Easton CBE
Products Naval ships
Merchand ships
Marine steam ingines
Marine engines
Nummer o employees
Approximately 3,000
Parent Upper Clyde Shipbuilders (1968–1970)
Yarrow & Co. Ltd. (1970–1977)
British Shipbuilders (1977–1985)
GEC Marconi (1985–1999)
BAE Systems (1999–)
Subsidiaries Coventry Ordnance Works (1905–1925)

Yarrow Shipbuilders Limited (YSL), eften styled as semply Yarrows, wis a major shipbiggin firm based in the Scotstoun destrict o Glesgae on the River Clyde.