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Yaroslav Osmomysl (Auld East Slavic: Осмомыслъ Ярославъ, Osmomyslŭ Jaroslavŭ; [Ярослав Осмомисл, Yaroslav Volodymyrkovych Osmomysl] error: {{lang-xx}}: text has italic markup (help)) (ca. 1135 – 1 October 1187) wis the maist famous Prince o Halych (nou in Wastren Ukraine) frae the first dynasty o its rulers, which stryndit frae Yaroslav I's eldest son. His sobriquet, meanin "Aicht-Mindit" in Auld East Slavic, wis grantit tae him in recognition o his wisdom. Some scholars even assert that Yaroslav wis fluent in aicht foreign leids.

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