Yamaha TZR250

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TZR 250 2MA modified for racin

The Yamaha TZR250 is motorcycle manufactured an produced bi the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer Yamaha atween 1986 an 1996.

Yamaha produced road goin 2-stroke motorcycle, loosely based on the TZ250 Yamaha racin bike. Parallel-twin, reverse cylinder an finally V-twin variants wur produced. It evolved as a natural replacement for the popular RD 250/350 LC series o the 1980's. It haes Yamaha Power Valve System (YPVS) which raises an lawers the exhaust port dependin on the rpm o the ingine, the YPVS servo starts tae open at aboot 6,000rpm. In staundart form 50 bhp is claimed at 10,000rpm. Although mid 40's is mair realistic, an will no rev much abuin 9,500rpm in staundart trim awin tae the restrictive staundart exhausts an ignition boxes.

Racin[eedit | eedit soorce]

Still raced in the Yamaha Past Masters race series wi the Breetish racin club - BMCRC. Racin ingines currently claiming circa 56 bhp @ 11,000rpm. Racin pre-mix fuel ratios typically 1:30. Staundart exhausts are difficult tae improve on in terms o pouer an torque but they are vera hivy an impede grund clearance. Jolly Moto exhausts are popular replacements as they are licht an produce similar performance, an allou better grund clearance.

Matt Oxley wis the first body tae lap the Isle o Man TT course at ower 100 mph on this bike in 1987. An F3 racin kit wis produced for a few years which includit ignition boxes, carbs an exhaust pipes, helpin increase maximum revs, pouer an torque.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Production stairtit in Juin 1986. At a cost o aroond $6,000 new on release it wis seen as an expensive bike for a 250 cc, but gien that places such as Japan an Australie haed 250 licencin laws in place ane can imagine the stir that somethin that coud hassle 750's on a track caused. 2MA variant being the UK variant an the 1KT model being the domestic Japanese variant. Variations atween these twa models being minimal, i.e. wirdin on the brake maister cylinder in Inglis or Japanese. Lichtin arrangements wur also different, tae comply wi UK type approval regulations, particularly the indicators wur mountit on stalks rather than faired intae the bodywirk.

Then came the reverse cylinder version 3MA, then the V-twins 3XV. The variants follaed the configuration o the racin TZ250 o the time. Production o aw TZR250s stopped in 1996.

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