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The Yamaha OX99-11 wis a sports caur designed bi Yamaha subsidiary Ypsilon Technology an IAD, an Inglis ingineerin consultancy, which wis supposed tae come oot in 1994.

Yamaha began competin in Formula Ane in 1989, an uisin the experience thay haed gained during that time thay wantit tae big a price-no-object caur based on actual Formula Ane technology. Even tho the Formula Ane team wis daein poorly in competeetion, bi 1991 the team haed juist come oot wi a new ingine, the OX99, an approached a German company tae come up wi an initial version o the caur. Yamaha wis no pleased wi the result as it wis too seemilar tae sport caurs o that time, sae thay contactit IAD tae continue wirkin on the project. Bi the beginnin o 1992, juist unner 12 months efter startin tae wirk on the project, IAD came wi an initial version o the caur. The caur's design wis unnertaken bi Takuya Yura, an wis oreeginally conceived as a single seater. Housomeivver Yamaha requestit a twa-seater vehicle, an a tandem seatin arrangement wis suggestit, which wis in keepin wi Yamaha's motorcycle expertise. This resultit in a radical an somewha ootrageous design, lik its cockpit-lookin ruif. Ither notable specs wur the same carbon fiber chassis an OX99 ingine as the F1 caur, essentially providin the closest experience o a pure racin caur tae the consumer mercat.

Housomeivver, disagreements atween IAD an Yamaha ower the budget made Yamaha tak the project tae its awn Ypsilon Technology, who got 6 months tae finish the project afore gettin axt. Tae mak matters worse, Japan wis at that time in the midst o a financial crisis, which led Yamaha tae believe thay woudna be able tae find ony customer for thair caur, which wis expectit tae come oot wi a $800,000 price tag (ower $1 million in 2006 dollars).

Eventually the project wis delayed till 1994, afore finally bein cancelled. A tot o three prototypes wur biggit bi IAD.

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