Y chromosome

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Human Y chromosome
Human male karyotpe high resolution - Y chromosome cropped.png
Human Y chromosome (efter G-baundin)
Human male karyotpe high resolution - Chromosome Y.png
Y chromosome in human male karyogram
Lenth (bp)57,227,415 bp
No. o genes63 (CCDS)[2]
Centromere poseetionAcrocentric[3]
(10.4 Mbp[4])
Complete gene leets
CCDSGene list
HGNCGene list
NCBIGene list
External map viewers
EnsemblChromosome Y
EntrezChromosome Y
NCBIChromosome Y
UCSCChromosome Y
Full DNA sequences
RefSeqNC_000024 (FASTA)
GenBankCM000686 (FASTA)

The Y chromosome is ane o twa sex chromosomes (allosomes) in mammals, includin humans, an mony ither ainimals. The ither is the X chromosome. Y is the sex-determinin chromosome in mony species, syne it is the presence or absence o Y that determines the male or female sex o offspring produced in sexual reproduction. In mammals, the Y chromosome contains the gene SRY, which causes testis development.

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