Xun Kuang

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Xun Kuang
Portrait of Xun Zi.jpg
Portrait o Xun Zi
Bornc. 313 BC
State o Zhao
Dee'dc. 238 BC (aged 74–75)
State o Chu
Wanfrein(s)Mencius, Zisi
Xun Kuang
Alternative Cheenese name
Traditional Chinese荀子
Simplified Chinese荀子

Xun Kuang ([ɕy̌n kʰwâŋ]; Cheenese: 荀況; pinyin: Xún Kuàng, c. 310 – c. 235 BC, alt. c. 314 – c. 217 BC),[1] an aa widely kent as Xun Zi (Cheenese: 荀子; pinyin: Xún Zǐ, "Master Xun"), wis a Cheenese Confucian filosofer wha lived during the Warrin States period an contreibutit tae the Hunder Schuils o Thocht.

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