Xinhai Revolution

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Xinhai Revolution
(Cheenese Revolution o 1911)
Pairt o Anti-Qing Muivements
Xinhai Revolution in Shanghai.jpg
Dooble Ten Revolution in Shanghai-Nanjing Road (Nanking Road) efter the Shanghai Uprisin, hung wi the Five Races Unner Ane Union flags then uised bi the revolutionaries in Shanghai an Northren Cheenae.
Date10 October 1911 (1911-10-10) – 12 Februar 1912 (1912-02-12)
(4 months and 2 days)

Cheenese Revolutionary Alliance veectory


 Qing dynasty

Fowkrepublic o Cheenae Proveesional Govrenment o the Republic o Cheenae
Hubei Militar Govrenment o the Republic o Cheenae
Various ither revolutionar groups an forces
Regional offeecials an warlairds
Commanders an leaders
Empress Dowager Longyu
Prince-Regent Zaifeng
Prime Meenister Yuan Shikai
Feng Guozhang
Ma Anliang
Duan Qirui
Yang Zengxin
Ma Qi
Various ither nobles o the Qing dynasty
Prov. President Sun Yat-sen
General Huang Xing
Song Jiaoren
Chen Qimei
Fowkrepublic o Cheenae Prov. Vice Preses Li Yuanhong
Fowkrepublic o Cheenae Prov. Preses Yuan Shikai
200,000 100,000
Casualties an losses
~170,000 ~50,000

The Xinhai Revolution (Cheenese: 辛亥革命; pinyin: Xīnhài Gémìng), an aw kent as the Cheenese Revolution or the Revolution o 1911, wis a revolution that owerthrew Cheenae's last imperial dynasty (the Qing dynasty) an established the Republic o Cheenae (ROC).

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