Xin dynasty

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Xin dynasty
Xin dynasty
Xin dynasty
Caipital Chang'an
Govrenment Monarchy
• 9–23
Wang Mang
• Wang Mang usurpation
10 Januar[1] 9
• Chang'an capturt bi Lülin
5 October[2] 23
Currency Cheenese cunyie, gowd, siller, tortoise shell, seashell
Precedit bi
Succeedit bi
Wastren Han dynasty
Eastren Han dynasty
The day pairt o Cheenae
North Korea

The Xin dynasty (Cheenese: 新朝; pinyin: Xīncháo; Wade–Giles: Hsin¹-chʻao²; leeterally: "New dynasty") wis a Cheenese dynasty (termed sae despite haein anerly ane emperor) that lastit frae 9 tae 23 AD.[3] It is eften conseedert an interregnum period o the Han dynasty, dividin it intae the Umwhile or Wastren Han an the Latter or Eastren Han.

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