Xiaolin, Taiwan

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Xiaolin (Cheenese: 小林村; pinyin: Xiaolin; Wade–Giles: Hsiao-Lin; Tongyong Pinyin: Siaolin) is a veelage in Taiwan in the rural tounship o Jiaxian, Kaohsiung.

The veelage wis hit bi a catastrophic mudslide durin Typhoon Morakot in August 2009. The entire veelage wis nearly razed tae the grund bi the mudslide an ae 2 oot o 300 hooses still staund. Current estimates for the nummer o deceased approx 491. It an aa made Typhoon Morakot acome the deadliest typhoon tae hit Taiwan.

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Coordinates: 23°09′45″N 120°38′40″E / 23.162497°N 120.644388°E / 23.162497; 120.644388