Xhosa fowk

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Tot population
(8,104,752 (2011 Census))
Regions wi signeeficant populations

Eastren Cape: 5,092,152
Wastren Cape: 1,403,233
Gauteng: 796,841
Free State: 201,145
Kwazulu-Natal: 340,832

(2001 estimates1)
Xhosa (mony an aa speak Zulu, Inglis, an/or Afrikaans)
African Tradeetional Releegion, Christianity
Relatit ethnic groups
Nguni, Basotho, Zulu, ither Bantu fowks

The Xhosa fowk (Xhosa [kǁʰɔ́ːsa] ( listen)) are a Bantu ethnic group o Soothren Africae livin in sooth-east Sooth Africae, an in the last twa centuries throuoot the soothren an central-soothren pairts o the kintra.