World Touring Car Championship

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World Touring Car Championship
WTCC logo.svg
CategoryTourin caurs
Inaugural saison1987
Tyre suppliersYokohama
Last Drivers' championSwaden Thed Björk
Last Maks' championSwaden Volvo

The FIA World Touring Car Championship wis a internaitional tourin caur championship promotit bi Eurosport Events an sanctioned bi the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA). It haes haed several different incarnations, includin a single saison in 1987 as the World Touring Car Championship an maist recently a warld championship (WTCC) that haes run atween 2005 an 2017. Follaein the 2017 season, a greement wis reached for the FIA WTCC tae become FIA WTCR an uise the TCR technical regulations.

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