Worcester, Massachusetts

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Worcester, Massachusetts
City of Worcester
Downtown Worcester, Massachusetts.jpg
City Hall - Worcester, Massachusetts USA.JPGUnion Station November 2012.JPG
Worcester Public Library.JPGDCU Center - Worcester, Massachusetts USA.JPG
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Paul Revere Road Worcester.JPGCharles Lundberg Three Decker, Worcester MA.jpg
(Clockwise frae top) Skyline o Worcester, Union Station an City Hall
Banner o Worcester, Massachusetts
Offeecial seal o Worcester, Massachusetts
Nickname(s): The City of the Seven Hills, The Heart of the Commonwealth, Wormtown, Woo-town, The Woo
Location in Worcester Coonty an the state o Massachusetts
Location in Worcester Coonty an the state o Massachusetts
Worcester, Massachusetts is locatit in the US
Worcester, Massachusetts
Worcester, Massachusetts
Location in the Unitit States
Coordinates: 42°16′N 71°48′W / 42.267°N 71.800°W / 42.267; -71.800Coordinates: 42°16′N 71°48′W / 42.267°N 71.800°W / 42.267; -71.800
Kintra Unitit States
State Massachusetts
Coonty Worcester
Settled 1673
Incorporatit as a toun Juin 14, 1722
Incorporatit as a ceety Februar 29, 1848
 • Teep Cooncil-manager
 • Ceety Manager Edward M. Augustus, Jr.
 • Mayor Joseph Petty
 • Ceety 99.9 km2 (38.6 sq mi)
 • Laund 97.3 km2 (37.6 sq mi)
 • Watter 2.6 km2 (1.0 sq mi)
Elevation 146 m (480 ft)
Population (2014 est.)
 • Ceety 183,016
 • Density 1,807.8/km2 (4,678.1/sq mi)
 • Metro 923,672
Time zone Eastren (UTC-5)
 • Simmer (DST) Eastren (UTC-4)
ZIP code 01601–01610, 01612–01615, 01653–01655
Aurie code(s) 508 / 774
FIPS code 0 25-82000
GNIS featur ID 0617867
Wabsteid www.worcesterma.gov

Worcester (/ˈwʊstər/ WUUSS-tər, locally also Listeni/ˈwstə/ WISS-tə)[1] is a ceety an the historic coonty seat o Worcester Coonty, Massachusetts, Unitit States till maist o Massachusetts disbaundit coonty govrenment in 1998.

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