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John Wood Group PLC
Public leemitit company
Treddit as LSEWG.
Industrie Ile an gas
Foondit 1982
Heidquarters Aiberdeen, Scotland, Unitit Kinrick
Key fowk
Allister Langlands (Chairman), Bob Keiller (Chief Executive)
Products Ile an gas ingineerin, production support, gas turbine maintenance
Revenue US$6,379.7 million (2013)[1]
US$392.5 million (2013)[1]
US$300.5 million (2013)[1]
Nummer o employees
46,000 (2014)[2]
Wabsteid www.woodgroup.com

Wood Group (offeecially John Wood Group PLC) is a multinaitional ile an gas services company heidquartert in Aiberdeen, Scotland, Unitit Kinrick.

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