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The Wolseley 6/99 wis the final lairge Wolseley caur. Styled bi Pinin Farina with additions bi BMC staff sylists, the basic vehicle wis also sold under twa o BMC's other marques as the Austin A99 Westminster an Vanden Plas Princess 3-Litre. Production began in 1959 and the caurs war updated an renamed for 1961. The Wolseley remained in production as the Wolseley 6/110 through to 1968. Many police officers consider the "6/110" as the finest "area caur" ever employed bi the Lunnon Metropolitan Police Force.

The cars war also marketed in Denmark as the Wolseley 300.

There war twa other Farina-designed caur lines launched bi BMC at the same time — the compact Austin A40 Farina an midsized Wolseley 15/60 an derivatives. Although similar-looking, the latter shares no body parts an few other parts with the big Wolseley.