Wipeout (series)

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Genres Racing
Developers Psygnosis/SCE Studio Liverpool
Publishers Sony Interactive Entertainment
Platforms PlayStation, Nintendo 64, Sega Saturn, MS-DOS, Microsoft Windows
First release Wipeout
29 September 1995
Latest release Wipeout Omega Collection
6 Juin 2017

Wipeout (commonly stylisit as wipEout) is a series o futuristic anti-gravity racin video gemmes developit bi Sony Studio Liverpool, umwhile kent as Psygnosis. The series is kent for its fast-pacit gameplay an 3D veesual design runnin on the full resolution o the console the gemme belangs tae; its association wi electronic dance muisic (mainly techno an trance) as well as its conteenous collaboration wi electronica airtists (The Chemical Brothers, Leftfield, CoLD SToRAGE, Kraftwerk, Orbital, DJ Fresh an ithers). The series is notable for its distinctive graphic design identity, maistly providit bi The Designers Republic.

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