Windsor Castle

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Windsor Castle
Windsor, Berkshire in England
Windsor Castle at Sunset - Nov 2006.jpg
Viewed frae the Long Walk
Windsor Castle is locatit in Berkshire
Windsor Castle
Windsor Castle
Location within Berkshire
Coordinates 51°29′0″N 000°36′15″W / 51.48333°N 0.60417°W / 51.48333; -0.60417Coordinates: 51°29′0″N 000°36′15″W / 51.48333°N 0.60417°W / 51.48333; -0.60417
Teep Three bailey wairds wi a roond keep
Site information
Owner Queen Elizabeth II in richt o the Croun
Operator Ryal Hoosehauld
Open tae
the public
Leemitit access
Site history
In use Late 11t century – present
Materials Bagshot Heath stane
Events First Barons' War, Inglis Ceevil War

Windsor Castle is a ryal residence at Windsor in the Inglis coonty o Berkshire.