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Willy Manaloto Santos
Born (1975-10-01) 1 October 1975 (age 43)
Subic Bay, Philippines
Thrift Professional skeitchbuirder
Smaw business awner

Willy Monolato Santos (born October 1, 1975) is a Filipino-American profeesional skeitchbuirder born in Subic Bay, Philippines.

Biography[eedit | eedit soorce]

He haes been skateboarding for 19 years. He currently resides in Poway, Californie but grew up in Mira Mesa. He attendit Ericson Elementary Schuil frae kindergarten. He wis ane o the first childer tae attend the first year o Challenger Middle Schuil, an graduatit frae Mira Mesa Heich Schuil. He awns Tiki Hut Island Grill an his awn skateshops, Willy's Workshop (Rancho Penasquitos & umwhile in Mira Mesa till the shop closed in 2010). He is relatit tae umwhile teen Filipino skater GALBINO (Arvin Fortunato Lariosa). Santos an aw organizes community ootreach programs, creatit his awn shop team an even assistit the design o the local Rancho Penasquitos skatebuird public pairk. He assists various charities an uises his spare time tae assist ithers via skatebuirdin. Richt nou, he is tryin tae fundraise enough money tae gie the community o Mira Mesa a local skatepairk.

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