Willis Carrier

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Willis Carrier
Willis Carrier 1915.jpg
Carrier in 1915
Born Willis Haviland Carrier
26 November 1876(1876-11-26)
Angola, New York, Unitit States
Died 7 October 1950(1950-10-07) (aged 73)[1]
New York, New York, Unitit States
Naitionality American
Alma mater Cornell Varsity (BSE)
Thrift Ingineer
Kent for Inventing modren air condeetionin
Awairds ASME Medal (1934)
Frank P. Brown Medal (1941)

Willis Haviland Carrier (November 26, 1876 – October 7, 1950) wis an American ingineer, best kent for inventin modren air condeetionin. Carrier inventit the first electrical air condeetionin unit in 1902. In 1915, he foondit Carrier Corporation, a company specialisin in the manufactur an distribution o heatin, ventilation, an air conditionin (HVAC) seestems.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Margaret Ingels, Willis Haviland Carrier: father of air conditioning, Country Life Press, 1952, p. 101: "Willis Haviland Carrier died in New York on October 7, 1950, shortly before his seventy-fourth birthday."