Willie Malley

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Willie Malley is a former Erse borne Scots fitbaa player an manager. He was pairt of the oreiginal Celtic team in 1888 alang wi his brother Tam Malley. In 1893 he was appointit as Celtic's first manager a poseition wheich he held tae 1940 makkin him Celtic's langest servin manager. In his time as Celtic manager he wan 19 League titles, 13 Scottish Cups, 18 Glesgae Cups, 23 Glesgae Merchants Charity's Cups an three ane aff trophies Glesgae International Exhibeition Cup in 1902, Ferencvaros Vase in 1914 an the Empire Exhibeition Cup in 1938. Amang the 18 League he lead Celtic tae 6 League titles in a row a recort that remainit in tact until Celtic themselves broke it in 1972.