William Speirs Bruce

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William Speirs Bruce
Born1 August 1867(1867-08-01)
Lunnon, Ingland
Died28 October 1921(1921-10-28) (aged 54)
Edinburgh, Scotland
Restin place
Ashes scaitert in the Sooth Atlantic Ocean aff the soothren shores o Sooth Georgie
CitizenshipUnitit Kinrick
EddicationNorfolk County School, Varsity o Edinburgh
ThriftNaituralist, polar scientist an explorer
Hauf-marrae(s)Jessie Bruce, née Mackenzie
ChilderEillium Alastair Bruce an Sheila Mackenzie Bruce
ParentsSamuel Noble Bruce an Mary Bruce, née Lloyd

William Speirs Bruce FRSE (1 August 1867 – 28 October 1921) wis a Scots naituralist, polar scientist an oceanografer that organised an led the Scots Naitional Antarctic Expedeetion (SNAE, 1902–04) tae the Sooth Orkney Islands an the Weddell Sea. Amang ither achievements, the expedeetion established the first permanent wather station in Antarcticae.