William Playfair

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William Playfair
Born 22 November 1759(1759-11-22)
Benvie, Fife, Scotland
Died 11 Februar 1823(1823-02-11) (aged 63)
Lunnon, Ingland
Naitionality Scots
Kent for inventor o stateestical graphs, writer on poleetical economy
Faimily John Playfair (brither)
James Playfair (brither)
William Henry Playfair (neffae)

William Playfair (22 September 1759 – 11 Februar 1823) wis a Scots ingineer an poleetical economist, the foonder o graphical methods o stateestics.[1] He inventit several teeps o diagrams: in 1786 the line, aurie an baur chairt o economic data, an in 1801 the pie chairt an circle graph, uised tae shaw pairt-hale relations.[2]

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