William McMaster Murdoch

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William McMaster Murdoch
William McMaster Murdoch, photograph taken before 1911.jpg
Pictur taken afore 1912, an published in accoonts o the sinkin o the Titanic.
Born 28 Februar 1873(1873-02-28)
Dawbeattie, Scotland
Died 15 Apryle 1912(1912-04-15) (aged 39)
RMS Titanic, Atlantic Ocean
Cause o daith
Unconfirmed; bouk niver recovered; possibly suicide
Eddication Dalbeattie High School
Thrift Ship's First Officer
Hauf-marrae(s) Ada Florence Murdoch (née Banks) (m. 1907–1912)
Parents Samuel Murdoch
Jane Muirhead

Ranks: First Officer


William McMaster Murdoch (28 Februar 1873 – 15 Apryle 1912) wis a Scots sailor that served as First Officer abuird the RMS Titanic. He wis notable as the officer in chairge whan the Titanic collidit wi an iceberg. Meestery an aa surroonds his daith.