William Kerr, 5t Marquess o Lowden

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William John Kerr, 5t Marquess o Lowden (1737-1815) (Joshua Reynolds, late 1750s)

General William John Kerr, 5t Marquess o Lowden KT (13 Mairch 1737 – 4 Januar 1815) wis a Breetish soldier an peer, styled Laird Newbottle till 1767 an Yerl o Ancram frae 1767 tae 1775.

Militar offices
Precedit bi
The Yerl De La Warr
Caiptain an Colonel o
His Majesty's Awn Truip o Horse Gairds

Becam the 1st Life Gairds
New title Colonel o the 1st Regiment o Life Gairds
Succeedit bi
The Laird Dover
Precedit bi
Studholme Hodgson
Colonel o the 11t Regiment o (Licht) Dragoons
Succeedit bi
Laird William Bentinck
Precedit bi
Sir David Dundas
Colonel o the 2nt (Ryal North Breetish) Regiment o Dragoons
Succeedit bi
Sir James Steuart-Denham
Peerage o Scotland
Precedit bi
William Kerr
Marquess o Lowden
Succeedit bi
William Kerr