William Kerr, 4t Marquess o Lowden

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William Kerr, 4t Marquess o Lowden on a chairger (David Morier, 1751)

General William Henry Kerr, 4t Marquess o Lowden KT (1710 – 12 Apryle 1775) wis a Scots nobleman, Breetish sodger an politeecian, the eldest son o William Kerr, 3rd Marquess o Lowden.

Pairlament o Great Breetain
Precedit bi
Sir Conyers Darcy
John Yorke
Member o Pairlament for Member for Richmond
Wi: John Yorke 1728–1757
Sir Ralph Milbanke 1761–1768
Succeedit bi
Sir Ralph Milbanke
Thomas Dundas
Militar offices
Precedit bi
Daniel Houghton
Colonel o the 24t Regiment o Fit
Succeedit bi
Hon. Edward Cornwallis
Precedit bi
Laird Mark Kerr
Colonel o the 11t Regiment o Dragoons
Succeedit bi
James Johnston
Peerage o Scotland
Precedit bi
William Kerr
Marquess o Lowden
Succeedit bi
William Kerr