William II o Ingland

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William II
William II of England.jpg
William II, frae the Stowe Manuscript
Keeng o Ingland (mair...)
Ring 9 September 1087 –
2 August 1100
Coronation 26 September 1087[1]
Predecessor William I
Successor Henry I
Born c. 1056
Normandy, Fraunce
Dee'd (1100-08-02)2 August 1100 (aged c. 43–44)
The New Forest, Ingland
Buirial Winchester Cathedral
Hoose Hoose o Normandy
Faither William I o Ingland
Mither Matilda o Flanders

William II (Auld Norman: Williame II; c. 1056 – 2 August 1100), the third son o William I o Ingland, wis Keeng o Ingland frae 1087 till 1100, wi pouers ower Normandy, an influence in Scotland.

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